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EuroJOC-2K14 is industry leading cost estimating software. We have the best features and usability of any product available. EuroJOC is used together with a unit price book for job order or fixed price contracting. Job Order Contracting (JOC) is a form of indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contracting (IDIQ) for construction services. Fixed price contracting is the traditional form of contracting.

The EuroJOC program has been used by the US Army Corps of Engineers in Germany for nine years. EuroJOC is being used in the United States and Italy for it's fifth year. EuroJOC software uses many different unit price books such as the Schedule of Services and Rates (SSR) as published by the German Government. USA based unit price books (such as RS Means) can be imported into EuroJOC modified very quickly using local cost factors. EuroJOC can be adapted to any industry to create project cost estimates. CorVet Systems can work with you to provide estimating solutions and unit price books tailored to meet your needs. EuroJOC has security features protecting estimates and project information.

UPB School
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Main Form - The main form stores all project related data such as dates, meetings, RFPs and progress photos.

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Estimate Form - Simple to use estimating. Everything is contained on one form. Find the item using the title tree and click or drag the cost item into the estimate. You modify an item by typing directly into the grid. Click on the money bag and the estimate is re-priced and ready to print.


Assembly Builder Form - Assemblies provide a scripting language to easily build estimates from templates of items. Assemblies consist of variables, checkbox selections, option selections and item selections. The use of assemblies will provide more consistent complete estimates. Assemblies can be shared by the Owner and Contractor.



Comparison - The best estimate comparison tool on the market bar none. No more rules, excuses and negative reasons. A simple comparison tool with results that can be used to negotiate effectively. This is the core reason JOC contracting exists. The ability to quickly compare estimates drastically improves your effectiveness at the bargaining table.

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UPB Search Form - The search form allows the user to search for items using words and phrases using joining words. Results of the search can be copied into the estimate quickly.


Specifications Form - The specifications form provides access to the contract technical specifications for product selection and performance of the work.

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Languages Form - The language form allows access to the translations used within the program. The user can even create another language using the new export and import features. Don't need this feature? It can be turned off.

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UPB Editor - All the tools - take back control of the price data. Buying a new JOC system?, be sure to read this section. The password protected UPB Editor allows the unit price book to be modified and updated as needed. The UPB can also be printed from this form. The UPB can contain pictures at the group and item levels. One picture is worth...


The EuroJOC-2k14 software is available on CD-ROM or by Internet download. Start by contacting SUPPORT REQUEST or Tel: 301-622-9069 USA

  UPB School - is a web-based powerpoint presentation that explains the use of crew and production based unit price books. The improvement using such books is the ability to update unit pricing when labor, equipment or material rates change. The presentation provides the basics to understanding the RS Means system of unit prices. EuroJOC is capable of calculating unit prices given productivity rates, crews, labor rates, equipment rates, and material unit pricing. The presentation boils down to the essence the many facts and relationships necessary in understanding the pricing process.  

Job Order Contracting Training Services:

CorVet Systems provides training sessions at your site or at facilities arranged by us. This is a list of training courses we currently provide. We can also develop custom courses to meet any need. We provide CD-ROM based training courses to meet long distance learning requirements. We will significantly reduce the cost of training your personnel.

  1. EuroJOC Software Training
  2. EuroJOC Dynamic Assembly Building.
  3. JOC Basic & Advanced Theory Training
  4. Proposal Development System (Corps of Engineers - PDS) Software Training
  5. Progen(TM) Software Training

Scheduled 2014 Training Sessions:

Corps of Engineers Europe District EuroJOC Training: - USACOE training is planned for Vicenza, Italy on April 1st & 2nd. USACOE training is planned for Weisbaden, Germany March 27th and 28th. A contractor's training session is not planned.

Please see the 2014 videos on this site about changes in the method of accessing, moving and merging your estimates.

Following form links are to be used by training course participants.

EuroJOC Training Sign In Form

EuroJOC Training Course Completion Evaluation

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