EuroJOC Specification Form
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EuroJOC's Specification Form provides access to the contract technical specifications. Technical specifications are the details of the construction products to be used and the methods of installation.

The specifications form can be used in several manners.

  • The entire specification listing can be displayed and/or sections selected for viewing,
  • The specifications applicable to a specific project or estimate can be displayed and printed when ever an estimate or proposal is open.
  • The specifications for a specific cost item can be displayed.
  • The specifications can be searched for specific words and the results can be displayed and printed.
  • A "hot-button" displays the specifications related to a cost item in the estimate grid.

Cost item groups in the unit price book are associated with the appropriate specification using a cross reference column as shown in the image above. These associations are not contractual and the entire specification applies to each project.

The specifications are a contractual document. They cannot be modified and are protected from casual user changes. The unit price book password allows changes whenever necessary. When editing is enabled, the specifications form provides font, color and justification editing features as shown below. Rich text can be pasted into the form from other software programs.


Specification Form Search Capabilities The search tab provides space for three search words. Specification sections containing the search words are displayed in the grid on the first tab. The Second tab (shown above) has a button that will locate the search words within the specification text and display the search words in a bold red font.

Specification Form Print Preview The print preview form appears giving the user a chance to review the print job before the printer starts. A selection tree appears on the left edge allowing the user to jump between sections.

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