Frequently Asked Questions
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We found a problem with the dropdown Location, User1 and User2 boxes on the Estimate grid. The first time you load an estimate the drop downs are prepared correctly. If you close and open a second estimate, the drop downs are incorrect and remain loaded with settings from the first estimate. This has been corrected in versions after 7Apr2014. As a WORK-AROUND, click on the Assemblies Tab and back to the Estimate Tab and the dropdowns will be correct.

Error Message: 372-Failed to load control 'ImageList' from Mscomctl.ocx. Your Verrsion of Mscomctl.ocx may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application. Error Point 3.

Resolution: The problem is resolved with EuroJOC-2k14 version. EuroJOC-2k14 works with Windows 8 Operating System.


When printing an estimate, I am getting a 20998 Error message as shown below. What can I do to fix this?

Download and install (copied to subdirectory only) the two DLL files contained in the exe file. You will need administrator privledges to do this. The files to be installed are PG32CONV.DLL and SSCSDK80.DLL


I am getting a Run-Tim Error 3170, "Can't find installable ISAM" error message.

Check out the following link:;en-us;209805&Product=acc2000

If you are running a non USA version of Windows7 you may have to run the program in WinXp Virtual Mode. Right click on the EuroJOC-2KXX.Exe file and select properties.


When printing an estimate, I am getting a 20998 Error message as shown below. What can I do to fix this?

See 34 above first.

  1. Click this button to download a copy of the pg32conv.dll file.
  2. If you get a warning message during this step, do not allow the download file to over write your existing file. The downloaded file should be stored in this subdirectory: c:\program files\eurojoc-2kxx\system_files. xx=substitute version of EuroJOC you are using.
  3. Some help site say all you have to do is copy the file and you do not have to do the steps 3, 4 and 5. You can continue with this step even if you stopped step # 2. Then click the start button at the lower left corner of the screen. Click the "Run" menu choice
  4. Type or Copy/Paste the following command into the run text box: Regsvr32 "c:\program files\eurojoc-2kxx\system_files\pg32conv.dll"
  5. Once the DLL has been registered, you should receive a confirmation in the form of a pop up box. This message will list your newly registered DLL file and confirm that is was successfully registered into the registry. If you got a no entry point error message, don't worry about it.

During an Estimate Comparison Operation, I am getting a 3127 Error "The Insert into statement contains the following unknown field name: 'Green'. Make sure you have typed the name correctly and try the operation again. Error Point:3"

The error is caused by a bad Comparison Template File. You can click here to download an updated file that will fix the problem.


I forgot my EuroJOC Password, how do I get the password back? 2k10 Version

The EuroJOC login form now includes a password recovery mechanism when the 'Help' button is clicked. First it will provide a reminder of the password. The password cannot be part ot the reminder. If that does not work, the system will send CorVet a coded message and we can return your password to you. You are encouraged to change your password at that time.


I forgot my EuroJOC Password, how do I get the password back? 2k9 Version

Please create an e-mail message addressed to wjk at and attach the file c:\program files\eurojoc-2k9\system\security.mdb

We will recover your password and send it back to you. If your e-mail system does not allow you to send an MDB file type, create a copy of the file and rename the extension to TXT. The computer will give you a message about the file being unusable, ignore the message and send the TXT file to us. When you receive the password back we recommend going in the 'Passwords' tab of the preferences form and changing it to another.


I am getting a Run-Tim Error 3170, "Can't find installable ISAM" error message.

Follow the steps below to correct this error. This is a one time fix, so you shouldn't have to worry about it in the future.
1. Click Start button, then click Find then Files and Folders (click Search, then All Files and Folders for Windows XP).
2. Type in the file name MSJET35.DLL and search for this file on your C: drive (make sure it says C: in the Find In line towards the bottom of the window).
3. After the file is found, leave the search window open. If more than one file was found, you want the one in the System folder for Windows 95, 98 and ME, or System32 folder for Windows NT, 2000, and XP.
4. Then click on Start and then Run.
5. Type in the command REGSVR32 and put a space after it.
6. Then click and drag the DLL file that was found in the System folder down to the Run command line. It should add the path for this file after the RESVR32 command.
7. Click OK to run this command. You should see a "Succeeded" message.
8. Next click Start then Run again, and change the file name from MSJET35.DLL to MSTEXT35.DLL (Everything else on the line stays the same) and click OK.

Also see answer #18 below.


I forgot my password, how do I reset my password in EuroJOC-2k9? (Try method in Item 29 above first.)

You can do a network GoToMeeting Session with Bill to recover this information quickly, or;

  1. You will have to delete the security file and re-register your copy of EuroJOC...
  2. Close EuroJOC
  3. delete this file: c:\program files\eurojoc-2k9\system_files\security.mdb
  4. open EuroJOC
  5. Fill in the registration information... It will create an e-mail message that says code creation error, you do not have to send that message.
  6. The User Name and Password screen will appear, type your new user name and password. The question mark button on the form will explain the password requirements.
  7. close and then restart EuroJOC... It will reset the code, start EuroJOC again and Select the button that sends the e-mail message requesting a new registration code...
  8. CorVet will respond with a new registration code and you will be back in business.
  9. Store your new password in a safe location.

9/7/2009 I cannot change the estimate's(proposal's) currency from the preferences form.

The preferences form stores the currency setting used when the estimate is created. If you wish to change the currency, open the estimate, select 'File', 'Preferences'. 'Currency' tab and change the currency in the dropdown box above the grid. We made a program change so that now you can change the currency on the preferences form before opening an estimate. A message box will notify you when the current currency does not match the estimate's currency selection.


4/9/2008 I tried to run a comparison of two new estimates & got this error message: SSCmdRunComp 3265 Item not found in this collection Error PT10.

Corrected on this date. To correct the situation, either 1.) download the March2008 patch/update again or,

2a.) Move this file --- c:\program files\eurojoc-2k8\reports\comparison_temp.mdb

2b.) Into this location -- c:\program files\eurojoc-2k8\system_files\comparison_temp.mdb


3/28/2008 Error 20534 Occurs when printing an estimate or proposal. This error occurs when the contract file does not match the report's expected format or the contract file is corrupted. This can be avoided by not opening or changing the contract file using MS Access and all users accessing the file be using the same or latest version of the EuroJOC software.

A simple way to correct the problem is to create a new contract file and then using the 'Import Project from Another Contract File' utility on the Main form's 'Project' menu, import all the projects into the new contract file.

I have two proposals to merge, one totals $350K and the other is $169K. After merging the total is $550K. Why am I not getting the expected result of $519K? This happens when using the RSMeans database percentage based summary items. After merging the percentage is being calculated on all of the merged items rather than the estimate piece. You should review the mostly division 01 summary items and insure that duplicate items do not exist. You can also limit the "scope" to which the summary item is applied using the summary item editor. Also see Summary Items for more information about using summary items. Foreign UPB do not have summary items included in their contents.

Update - Fixed: Using EuroJOC-2k8 you can now create a file association of the CON files to EuroJOC. Then when you double click any CON file EuroJOC will open and the selected CON file will be displayed. To create this windows file association, right click on the file name and select 'Open With', at the bottom select 'Choose a Program', Find EuroJOC in the c:\program files\eurojoc-2k8 subdirectory and finally make sure to check the 'Always use the selected program to open this kind of file' checkbox. You do not have to complete this process for EuroJOC to operate properly.

When I double click a EuroJOC .CON file in Windows explorer, I have to reregister EuroJOC. Why?? We are working on this issue. It does now work on many machines. The system security settings seems to be a component of the problem on Government owned computers.

Before the EuroJOC program would open but the file was not opened. We have modified EuroJOC so that double clicking the file name will both open EuroJOC and open the selected file within EuroJOC. Versions created after 12/16/2007 include the capability.


In the mean time, Do Not double click on a EuroJOC contract file while using Windows explorer or you will have to reregister.

















3170 ISAM Access Error - The EuroJOC-2k8 version fixes this problem, in the mean time, you will have to use the workaround provided below.

More on this issue from #18 below...This "work around / change" may require you to have the Windows installation disks available and may require a restart of your computer. You should set the language to English on the 'Regional and Language Options' form in your control panel's regional settings area. This form is available on some menus and in the Control Panel on other computers. Please set the language and then try the EuroJOC software. The EuroJOC software should now work.

To use the software in this manner would further require you to; Click the 'Customize' Button 1.) set the currency settings to Euro, 2.) change the digit grouping symbol to the decimal symbol on both the number and currency tab, 3.) Change the decimal symbol to the comma on both the number and currency tabs.

Unfortunately setting the language back to your original language brings the problem back. This is not a great solution, but it does help until we can get a more permanent resolution in place. We are now aware of the exact cause of this problem. The error is not within EuroJOC but in the way Microsoft implemented the the Jet Database Engine.

After using EuroJOC you might have to reset the Language to be used with your other software.

Installer seems to be installing a program unrelated to EuroJOC. Did you download the full install file to the desktop? Sometimes another software program's installation process does not clean up after itself correctly. To get EuroJOC to install, move the downloaded EuroJOC install file to a clean subdirectory and run it from there. You can use Window's 'Start', 'Run' capability or open Windows Explorer to run the file.

How do I use EuroJOC's City Cost Index (CCI) Feature? The CCI data is only available for USA based RSMeans UPBs.

  1. First, open a contract file. Select a national UPB on the preference form's 'System Setup' tab. Do not select a site specific UPB as the CCI factors have already been applied to the unit prices.
  2. When the Preference form's 'City Cost Index' tab is selected, two menu items will be enabled allowing you to import-append or import-replace CCI lists from a UPB or contract file.
  3. Select from the list the city index you wish to be used in the calculation. Do not select more than one city in the grid.
  4. Close the Preference form and select a project and estimate/proposal to open. You should reprice the estimate if the UPB selected was changed. All calculations will now include the specified CCI factor selected. Setting the UPB and CCI does not affect any of the previous estimates/proposals.
  5. As quarterly UPB updates are made available, new CCI lists are provided with the UPBs. The updates include base year through present quarter CCI values.
  6. Published CCI values are available from the RSMeans website.
  7. EuroJOC is also capable of updating using the CCI Division data. The publicly available Means quarterly PDF files do not include all of the individual division information provided privately to CorVet Systems. If you need something, ask and we will work with you to meet your needs.

"3170 installable ISAM not found" This error has been reported by users in Germany and Italy.

A possible solution to this problem is described in the following Microsoft knowledge base article:

Another possible solution to this problem involves editing the Windows registry. If you have never done this before, we suggest you seek technical assistance. Editing the registry incorrectly can cause your computer to stop working. The articles referenced are from the Microsoft knowledge base website: or

"Error 20535 Unable to Connect; incorrect session parameters". This error occurred when trying to print an estimate. While the actual cause of this message was never determined (after many, many hours of effort), the machines had to be reformatted and the operating system reinstalled to correct this problem. The computers on which this error occurred originally had Microsoft Access 2.0 and WinXp installed on them. After reformatting the hard drives, the problem did not reappear. The machines had likely been upgraded from Win98 to Xp. The error was first noted in the United States. The error is not a EuroJOC caused problem.
Daylight Savings Time Effect. The approaching USA daylight savings time change (3/11/2007) has no effect on the EuroJOC software. This is true for all versions of EuroJOC.


Error 3051 or 3054 EuroJOC will not load. Message usually reads something like this: "Error 3051 Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file "c:\program files\ eurojoc-2k7\ system_files\ app_temp.mdb. It is already opened exclusively by another user, or you need permission to view it's data"

This is usually a problem that occurs during the software installation process within government environments using stronger or managed security. The situation is remedied by allowing the user to have 'modify permission' for the eurojoc-2k7 sub-directory EuroJOC versions after March 4th, 2007 included a more descriptive error message to help with the situation.


Contractor Proposal Summary Report Error (posted 9/11/2006): When printing the proposal report using the 'Item Cost Summary' radio option button. This is not the default setting. The individual cost items are not properly totaled and printed. This does not affect government users unless they print Contractor's proposals. Four new report files are available to download using the button below. The instructions contain further information and install instructions.

Do not use if your version installed is dated later than 9/11/2006.


Update: See Item 21 above.

Regional Number Settings: We have documented a problem using EuroJOC on some (but not all) German versions of Windows. When the computer's regional settings are set to the comma (",") as the Decimal Symbol and the period (".") as the Digit Grouping Symbol. The problem appears in the form of error messages when entering the quantity using the comma into the blue estimate grid.

As a temporary workaround, until a permanent solution can be determined, we suggest changing the decimal symbol to period (".") and the digit grouping symbol to comma (","). You should apply this change to both the numbers tab and the currency tab. See the top of the form to change the selected tab.

The regional settings can be reached from the Windows® control panel's date, time and regional settings icon. When you see the form shown on the right, you will know you are in correct place. You might also consider creating a new user on your machine and logging on as that user when you need to work in EuroJOC.


Error 20534 creating statistics report. 2 methods exist to fix problem; 1.) Create a new contract file and copy all projects from old file into the new file., 2.) Corrections are contained in versions of EuroJOC dated 8/20/2k5 or later.

The error does not occur when component cost and man-hours checkboxes are left blank on preferences form. However, you will not get these results returned.

Re-pricing Estimate. You might have missed a new feature on the 2005 estimate menu. There is a drop-down menu next to the moneybag that allows the pricing to be reestablished from the Unit Price Book. The feature can be used whenever the UPB pricing changes. For example, when a quarterly price update is issued, open the estimate and use this feature to reprice the estimate. EuroJOC's new version 2K5.5 includes the UPB used, date calculated, and the City Cost Index used in the grid on the 'Cost' tab of the main form.


Windows Installer Appears Every Time EuroJOC Is Started

Please look at Microsoft Knowledge Base Article # 265194;en-us;265194

The knowledge base article describes several solutions for this situation. EuroJOC makes use of the Microsoft Access database system files. You do not need to have Access installed for EuroJOC to function.


Setup Errors. Many, if not all, setup errors are caused by not having proper authority to install software on your computer. Please seek support from your help desk or IT personnel.

An example of another error found to be caused by the same problem is reported as: User-ID Database File Error - 76 Path not found Please Close Other Application or Allow Access





Backup your cost estimating data. By the time you heed this message, it is usually too late. EuroJOC is designed so that saving one file will archive your work. The estimate file contains all the data needed to backup. So start using those CD/ROM burners and burn a backup once a week. It is not that hard to do and you will save yourself a big headache.







We use a contract file for all our projects (all projects are under one access database). Is it possible to export or better send a single completed project (or an estimate out of the project) by e-mail to be able to compare. There are two methods of moving project data from one contract file to another. The first method; use 'File', 'Save As' menu items on the main form. The contents of the entire file are copied into another file name. Then the projects that are not needed can be selected in the project tab's grid and then deleted using the delete toolbar icon or the 'Projects', 'Delete Project' menu items on the main form.

The second method consists of creating a new blank contract file then using the 'Project', 'Import Project from Another Contract File' menu option to import one project into the newly created file. Repeat process to add more projects. The currency factors and contractor coefficients must also be imported using the preferences form. The advantage of the first method is that the contractor and currency factors do not have to be imported. You may then attach the new file to an e-mail message and send.





When I e-mail contract files, the person receives the message and cannot open the attached contract file. What is wrong? The contract file (Microsoft Access MDB Format) may have been intercepted by the recipients e-mail program. Default settings in Microsoft Outlook and some other e-mail program do not allow this file type to be received and opened. To circumvent this restriction the file needs to be compressed or zipped using a program such as Winzip prior to e-mailing. Another work around involves changing the MDB file extension name to something else. The file's e-mail recipient will need to reverse the file extension name change before using in EuroJOC.



How can I modify a printed report? The reports are created using a program called Crystal Reports version 8.0. Crystal Reports is a database industry standard used by many technical users. The report can either be modified by your IT personnel or CorVet Systems can modify the report for you. Your report modification suggestions are always welcome.



How can I make a copy of a project? Using the 'Projects', 'Import Project From Another Contract File' menu items and selecting the file that is currently open followed by selecting the project to be copied. You should now assign a new project number and description to the copy.
We are getting this error message; "Runtime Error 76 - Path Not Found C:\USAJOC\ System_Files\ Icons\CTRUSA.ICO. What is the problem? This has been corrected in new versions available for download. The problem affects the Italian and German versions of EuroJOC. The Unit Price Book contains an incorrect path to the country icons. The path to the country icons has been corrected and new UPB download files are available. Please ask and we will provide a link to the new download files.
Is it possible to save the estimate sort order when the estimate form closes? This capability has been added to all versions released after March 21, 2004. The sort order is selected by clicking a blue estimate column heading. The choice is saved and restored when ever the estimate form closes and is then reopened.
May 31, 2004 - I am having problems moving items from the Item Search Tab to the Estimate. This problem has been identified as a programming error and resolved in all versions delivered after this date. There is a workaround; proceed normally to enter search words, select one of the groups on the Search form's 'Title Search Results' tab. Now you will be able to transfer cost items from either tab into the estimate form.

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