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Assemblies is how we automate and standardize the JOC estimating process. By use of the assemblies, we can build complete estimates without searching for line items. Checkboxes and Option buttons turn on related assembly selections. You don't have to see the entire selection list when all you need is the appropriate piece. You can use parts and pieces of an assembly. When complete, you can view and edit the rows created by the assembly.

There are two parts to assemblies. 1.) There is the user section located on the third tab of the estimate form where a prebuilt assembly is used to create estimate rows. 2.) The assembly builder program that allows the user to create and modify assemblies.

Assemblies provide consistent estimating across your organizations estimators. The cost items are readly available reducing the time and effort spend developing the cost estimate. Assemblies provide flexibility by allowing the user to select only the portions of the assembly that apply to the current situation.

Let us know of your ideas to reduce your work-load with pre-built assemblies.

Below is an example of the JOC Script Formulas tab. The script is a simple language to combine the user selections together with the proper cost items and to calculate the correct quantity. The assembly is open to changes and modifications to fit your situation.

The Estimate form's third tab allows access to the pre-built and user created assemblies. Assemblies allow logic and calculations to be applied to typical building activities. The example shown allows the user to select from one of the carpets available in this unit price book and apply quantities before adding the item to the estimate or proposal.


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