EuroJOC Demonstrations Due to web limitations and compression necessary to reduce file size, the video image is not sharp and perfect. The CDROM version has much higher resolution. Now all the downloads are flash formated movies. Flash movies play as they download. You do not keep a copies and use up your disk space.

2008 Update
These short demos show changes made to the USA software for 2008. A new tree based method of accessing your data has been included. Not available in Europe yet... European users can still watch the movies to see what is coming later this year.
Estimate Form
The Estimate form is demonstrated and discussed. Different views of the data and the single view of a record is shown. Use of the unit price book to find an item is shown. The cost items and modifier items are explained and used. 7.2meg

Summary Items
For use in the USA-RSMeans Data Users.... allows user to easily use and calculate percentage based items such as percentage based contingencies and sales tax. 6meg - Now Flash Movie 33.4meg White Paper
Summary Item Range
For use in the USA - RSMeans Data Users...This flash movie shows how to set the range of cost estimate items against which a summary/percentage based item is applied. It is now possible to apply a summary item to another summary item using levels. Flash Movie 12.9meg

Log-In Screen

Explains the various parts of the EuroJOC login screen. EuroJOC has individual user names to track each individuals work. 1.5meg

Main Form

EuroJOC main form, and opening a Contract File. Included is a discussion of the contents and structure of the contract file. 4.0meg



Demonstration of using assemblies from within the estimate form is demonstrated and discussed. We also show the assembly building form. 23.8meg

Search Form

The cost item search form is demonstrated and discussed. The title and cost item results are explained. Moving an item from the search form into an estimate is demonstrated. 3.3meg

Advanced Search Form
The UPB title and cost item advanced search feature is demonstrated and discussed. 3.8meg Also See.

Task Order Reporting

Task Order Reporting System Demonstration.

Unit Price Book

The unit price book controls the pricing of cost items. The new unit price book is capable of storing pricing from many different sources. The UPB is capable of storing a picture of the item for help when selecting items.

Compare Estimates

The comparison form can be used to compare owner estimates with contractor proposals or other estimates. The comparison feature is the industries most advanced and provides features found nowhere else.


Above are several short demonstrations of the EuroJOC cost estimating system. Click on a link and the video will play. Click the back button on your browser to return here to select another video clip. The videos are short so that dial up users can access them. However, It could take 10-30 minutes to download at dial-up speeds. Broad-band, DSL or T1 access takes a minute or two. The clips are also available on CDROM by sending an e-mail message with mailing address to CV Systems.


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