EuroJOC Demonstrations Due to web limitations and compression necessary to reduce file size, the video image is not sharp and perfect. The CDROM version has much higher resolution. Now all the downloads are MP4 formated movies.


Many of the video have been recreated as MP4 files.The training videos are now located here:

2015/19 EuroJOC Training Videos

2021 EuroJOC Training Videos

Many of the videos are also available on YouTube:

YouTube Training Videos for EuroJOC:

If you are blocked from the videos, please contact your IT people to request the block be removed. If you would like to have a topic covered, please e-mail us or call.


Above are several short demonstrations of the EuroJOC cost estimating system. Click on a link and the video will play. Click the back button on your browser to return here to select another video clip. Current web access speeds make the videos almost instant to load and play. The clips are also available on CDROM by sending an e-mail message with mailing address to CV Systems.


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