EuroJOC's - Language Form
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Seven Language Columns - EuroJOC is designed to work in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portugese. A seventh language column is reserved for the user to create another language. EuroJOC's controls are accessible for language changes using this form. An entire column of data can be exported, translated and then imported. The checkboxes next to each cell "lock" the translation and prevent it from being overwritten. This is especially useful when translation software is used to update the new text and you do not want to overwrite manual translation work previously completed.

The translation process vastly improves the capability to work with other languages. Each tab on this form represents a different type of program control and has a grid to store the information. All grid columns can be sorted by clicking on the grid column heading. Clicking on either of the two country icons in the lower left corner of EuroJOC forms switches between the two primary languages as selected on the unit price book editor form.

If you do not need multiple languages, this feature can be deselected with a single checkbox on the UPB editor form. The language features are then hidden and the user is unaware of their existence.

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