EuroJOC Search Form
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The EuroJOC Search Form allows the user to quickly find cost items searching through megabytes of descriptions. Both the title and cost item description databases are searched. A search request looks at all available languages. The search engine has improvements hidden under the hood allowing for better results and improved searching.

A new addition for 2014, is the Division dropdown selection box. Division selection allows the user to enter a more general search and only search divisions of the UPB the user is interested in seeing the results.

The search results are presented in grid format on the two remaining tabs located on this form. Titles matching the search are presented in a title tree and the related cost items are shown in a grid next to the tree. Cost items can be quickly added to an open estimate by double clicking on the selected item. The conjunctive words 'and', 'or' and 'not' form powerful phrases to enhance the search capabilities. The search form builds powerful SQL search queries for fast reliable data searches.

The tab system allow the user to select either the title or item results. It is very easy to change the search criteria and start the search again. Another search engine is available for advanced searches.


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