What's New With EuroJOC? March 2008      

Have you ever needed to sort your estimate by more than one heading? We have added a four field multiple sort capability to EuroJOC-2k8 with release dates after 2008.03.04.

  What's New With EuroJOC? January 2008      

Click for more information about the new main form's project tree. Moving, copying and merging estimates has never been easier.


  What's New With EuroJOC? October 2007      
  Covet Systems is pleased to announce that we are using the Citrix GoToMeeting system to improve EuroJOC technical support.      

By using GoToMeeting, we are able to host live training sessions and product demonstrations wherein you can view our computer's screen and listen to the presentation on the telephone or for free using Skype® IP phone (for our international customers). We are, with your permission, also able to view your computer's screen and diagnois problems you are having. As they say, seeing is believing.

  Many improvements to EuroJOC have been made this year. Above you see the new estimate search engine which allows you to seek information from within your completed work. We have added a spell check feature to the program and many other user requested improvements as explained in this PDF document that can be downloaded by clicking on the button.      
  What's New With EuroJOC? January 2007      

New versions (Jan 2007) are available for US Customers at Fort Lee and Fort Eustis. Click the customer button and enter your user name and password.

New updates (Dec 2006) are available for German and Italian customers. Click the customer button and enter user name and password for more information.


Some of the Improvements Include:

  • Percentage Based summary items have been added to EuroJOC. An example of such an item is sales tax on the total material cost. It is also possible to calculate the percentage on several divisions, several sections, or even groups of items. Your unit price book needs to have these items included to use this feature. US databases currently have the necessary items.
  • User ProgrammableDynamic Assemblies Added to Estimate Form.
  • Method to print all titles related to estimate item added.
  • Previous Files Used List added to Main Form's Menu System.
  • Added Ability to Export Excel Spreadsheet Formatted Data.
  • Labor Burden Cost Column & Calculation Methods Added. Reports Revised. Updated Comparison Routine.
  • Added Crew, Unit and Total Man-hour Columns to Estimate. Reports Revised.
  • Added Total OH&P Column Capability.
  • City Cost Index (CCI) Capability has been Improved and City List Added to UPBs.
  • Improved UPB Item Printout for Germany & Italy Books. USA Books are prevented from printing by license.
  • New capability for re-pricing UPB based on User Input Labor and Equipment Rates.
  • Added Calculation Abort (Escape Key) Capabilities to Methods Requiring Long Time Periods.
  • Added Ft-Inch-Fraction Capability to Conversion/Formula Form and the Assembly User Grids.
  • UPB Unit Pricing Can Now be of Higher Precision for Foreign Currency Conversions.
  • Fixed All User Reported Problems and Implemented Many Suggestions.
  What's New With EuroJOC? March 2005      

We are listening... when we updated the simple search engine, we decided to search both languages all the time. Results in the second language added a lot of search data to digest. The newly revised search form allows the user to turn off the multiple language searching. This change will be available for download soon.

Do you have a problem? Let us know about it. Submit your request, we take them seriously and we act on them.

  What's New With EuroJOC? November 2004      

Changes and improvements.

  1. Additional text editing tools, copy, paste, font selection, font color, text justification and right click pop-up menus for the rich text boxes.
  2. Many printed report improvements
  3. Automatic Dash Entry for Cost Codes
  4. Set an entire column of K/L/M, O/R or US Contractor Codes to one value in a single step using the right click pop-up menu within the blue estimate grid.
  5. A Calendar Date Selector was Added to the Picture Tab.
  6. Several Improvements to the Specifications Form. US versions currently have specification information available.
  7. Additional Selection of Help Video Files.....
  8. The German translation for program controls has been revised using a human translator. The language form has significant upgrades and the Portuguese language has been added.
  9. The simple item search engine has been upgraded to search both primary and secondary language descriptions at the same time.

Many of these changes were customer requested at recent training sessions held in Mannheim & Wiesbaden Germany.

  What's New With EuroJOC? June 2004      

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New UPB Re-pricing Feature: The UPB pricing can now be modified in a very detailed manner. Groups of records can be identified by start and end values. The unit pricing can be increased or decreased on individual component values. An unlimited number of cost record groupings can be created.

We see this useful when you want to localize the UPB cost data using labor, material and equipment markup or markdown factors.


Alliance Announced

CorVet Systems is an authorized re-seller of RSMeans Construction Data and Unit Price Books. EuroJOC has been modified to allow usage of all RSMeans Unit Price Databases.

  What's New With EuroJOC? January 2004      

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Advanced Search - Additions

Three New Operators have been added to the search grid on the UPB form; 1-Less Than or Equal, 2-Greater Than or Equal and 3-Between val1-val2. Addition of these new operators will reduce the number of condition rows needed.

The Field Selection column has been modified to display field descriptions in addition to the field names. You no longer need to refer to the manual to select the right field within a condition row.

  What's New With EuroJOC? August 2003      

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Cost Compare Details

We have added a new details tab to the compare form. Similar items are summed into a single row on the the compare results tab. When you want to see all the details that make up a row of the comparison grid you can switch to this new tab. The first estimate will be displayed in the top grid and the second in the lower grid. This feature can be useful during negotiation meetings. A horizontal bar allows the owner's estimate to be hidden. More...


EuroJOC Demonstrations Due to web limitations and compression necessary to reduce file size, the video image is not sharp and perfect. The CDROM version has perfect resolution.


 Click For Advanced Search Demonstration Click for Demo

Advanced Search

We always knew we had a great simple search engine... well we just went hyper and gave you raw access to the SQL search engine. Using the grid you create search criteria and then when even that won't do, you can hand modify the SQL using the code inspector. The grid allows access to all the fields in the UPB. We believe that the advanced search engine can do it all and you don't have to be a programmer to use it. Nobody offers anything better.


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  What's New With EuroJOC? July 2003      

Italian Version - UPB Flexibility

It is going to be hard to tell any difference but EuroJOC now has many new capabilities under the hood. The Unit Price Book is very flexible and can handle almost any cost coding system. The Item coding system can even vary amongst different sections of the unit price data.

EuroJOC can handle your unit price book no matter the complexity. EuroJOC can handle eleven title levels compared to six for the competition. This means almost unlimited flexibility and we are the only estimating system capable of storing item photographs and multiple languages.


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