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Advanced Search

We always knew we had a great simple search engine... WELL we just went hyper and gave you raw access to the SQL search engine. Using the grid you create any search phrase necessary. You can even hand modify the search phrase using the code inspector. The grid allows access to all the fields in the UPB. The advanced search engine can do it all, and you don't have to be a programmer to use it. Nobody offers anything better.




Advanced Search - Additions

Three new operators have been added to the search grid on the UPB form; 1-Less Than or Equal, 2-Greater Than or Equal and 3-Between val1-val2. Addition of these new operators will reduce the number of condition rows needed.

The field selection column has been modified to display the full field descriptions in addition to the field names. You now see everything you need on the screen to make the proper selection.


Page Last Updated June 28, 2004