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It is CorVet's mission to build the best, most useable construction estimating software possible and support our customers in every manner to achieve full utilization of our products.

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CorVet Systems Inc. is a privately owned small business enterprise located outside of Washington DC. CorVet stands for Core Veteran due to the extensive mainframe programming experience of the owners. Our major product is EuroJOC a construction cost estimating software program. CorVet was originally formed in 1985 to provide construction business software. CorVet started with an application to manage subcontractor lists and quantity takeoff software for use with digitizer tablets.

During many years of heavy construction experience and consulting projects, we have obtained the knowledge necessary to build construction estimating software for job order contracting. Our heavy construction experience includes bored and conventional tunnel excavation, post-tensioned floating bridge, 14 story concrete office buildings, rapid transit structures, and tract single & multifamily residences. An area of particular expertise is concrete, including batch plant operations, placing, pumping and finishing operations.

For three years William Kahl, a CorVet principle owner, managed the US Army Corps of Engineer's JOC Technical Support Contract. Services provided under that contract included;1.) modifying and printing Unit Price Books customized for a specific site. 2.) Modifying and distributing JOC software updates. 3.) JOC software training sessions throughout the United States and Germany. 4.) JOC Basic and JOC Advanced Concept training sessions.

CorVet Systems continues to operate as an independent company providing software and training services around the world with sessions in the United States, Germany, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, many other locations Our estimating product can be customized for any worldwide location. A single adaptable product insures that software improvements completed for one customer are available for all.

Support: We provide support for competing products located in difficult situations. We provide support for discontinued products on a consulting basis. We develop custom training courses and update technical specifications on a consulting basis or fixed fee basis. CorVet has personnel available with doctorates in economics, and bachelors degrees in engineering, math and science.

We continue listening to our user's needs and provide products that are easy to use and powerful. We welcome new clients and provide excellent after sale technical support and service. Our software systems are well received and respected throughout the industry.

Corrections Policy: Developing computer software is inherently a difficult enterprise. By human nature, no one likes to publicly admit an error. Yet, a wise programmer once said: any program longer than ten lines has an error. EuroJOC is currently contains over fifty thousand lines of code.

It is next to impossible to get some large software firms to fix problems in their software. No matter... CorVet Systems is not like those companies and never will be. We take care of our customers and resolve issues quickly and professionally to keep your cost and lost time to a minimum.

Privacy Policy: During the course of business, Corvet Systems may receive confidential data. CorVet will not share any data or contact lists with other firms or individuals.








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