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RSVP RESPONSE handles survey card packs sent out by advertising businesses. The question posed to the respondent is "Which of the businesses listed are you interested in?" The respondent marks the businesses, provides name and address information and sends the card back. RESPONSE handles the data and creates lists and mailing labels that are provided to the individual advertising businesses. Business owners love the customer leads. You would be amazed at the response!!

Features such as zip code input for city and state lookup and automatic capitalization are included. CorVet has handled mailing lists for 20 years. We know how to input responses accurately and cost effectively.


Response handles top 10 restaurant surveys, individual comments, and heads down checkbox speed input. Response also has facilities to speed repeat responders as this marketing data is collected 5-6 times per year. Up to 90 checkbox businesses can be handled.

The single record view shown below is part of the speed data entry system. The address record is quickly found within the outgoing list. If a record is not found, it is quickly created. The record is then transferred to the response table and the checkbox information added using a keyboard method that is ten times faster than clicking the checkboxes. An almost unlimited number of outgoing and response records can be stored.




RSVP Mailing List: Below are shown all the outgoing address records the RSVP deck was mailed to. By entering the street number and one or two characters of the street name, the outgoing address record can be located and transferred to the response data.

Instead of retyping all the data 5 or 6 keystrokes brings up the record and it is combined with the checkbox responses to complete the incoming card.

Having the outgoing address data available vastly increases the speed of entering the response cards.

The address grid allows quick row additions and provides zip code lookup features for automatic entry of the city and state. All data is entered in lower case and automatically converted to the proper case. This feature saves thousands of keystrokes. Eliminating keystrokes saves time and money.



The multiple record view shown below allows the user to view multiple response records. The user can sort the data by clicking on any column heading.

The multiple record view provides tools used to search for individual records or to remove duplicate responses from an individual by name or address criteria.

Occasionally multiple responses are received from individuals trying to win the lottery prize. Duplicates are removed to save mailing costs for businesses using the response data.

RSVP response decks are delivered for data entry, and the results are e-mailed back to the RSVP office where the mailing labels are printed and delivered to the businesses.



Edit Checkbox Categories: This form allows the user to input the checkbox businesses and controls whether or not the business is included in a printed report.

After one of the business lead or category reports is printed the tally column contains the number of responses the business received in this mailing.


The zip code lookup feature allows the user to enter a zip code or the city name to look up the corresponding data.  

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