Client software is a simple method used to use track your unique client data. We can quickly build an inexpensive program to track your unique customer data.

We can use this example as a starting point to build an advanced system meeting your needs. A custom client list is better than a word processor list, database or spreadsheet because keypunchers follow your set of "rules" for the data. We offer such features as;

  • Enter the zip code and city and state will be inserted.
  • Type all data in lower case and the software will capitalize it properly for you. This saves a lot of time.
  • Custom routines designed to reduce the repetitive keypunching tasks.
  • Mailing labels and e-mail broadcasting of your message.

The single record view shows an individual client's address and related information. The form can be quickly designed to display any information you wish including pictures.


The multiple record view allows the user to sort and view the client data in any order by clicking on a column heading. The record search routine will find any record or group of related records quickly.

You can have your own custom client tracking in a matter of hours or days. Your costs will be reasonable, and you are allowed to distribute as many copies as you need.

The program's VB6 source code is available for sale. You can do anything you want to further customize.

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