EuroJOC-2k8 UPDATES ---- You really need to watch these short movies before using the new version.

The 2K8 Main form's 'Project Select' tab has undergone a revision. The former 'Cost' tab has been merged into the project tab and a project tree has been added. The 'Project Select' tab can handle all of your estimate data operations without opening an estimate or proposal. Using mouse drag-and-drop functions you can move, renumber, copy and merge estimates and proposals.

Did I forget to mention that the search engine has been vastly improved? It now searches everything, period. We know you will like that. The USA release is on the web ready for download.....

Introduction to the new Project Tree on EuroJOC's main form. This is a brief overview of the new capabilities. (3 minutes)      
A side by side comparison of the new 2k8 version with the older 2k7 version. (6 minutes)      
Create a Contract File, Project, and Estimate with EuroJOC-2k8 (2 minutes)      
Explanation of the various project tree node types. (4min 15sec)      
Example of merging a group of estimates into a combined estimate. Demonstrates using EuroJOC's new copy-merge feature in the project tree on the main form.(4min 15sec)      
Features of the 2k8 Search Engine (1min 15sec)      

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