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Full Featured Toolbox - EuroJOC provides all the tools needed to administer the unit price data. Having all the tools means that you will not have to rely on anyone to add, delete or make changes to the price data. You can also print the unit price books or publish to a PDF file. Our competitors do not provide this capability and charge consulting fees for doing this "work". Now you can take back control using EuroJOC. Need help? We can provide consulting services allowing you to do as much work as you desire.

The UPB data is protected from unauthorized "tinkering" by a master password. Data can be located by code number, partial code number, or by search text. A find and replace feature has been provided. The title structure integrity can be verified "top down" and "bottom up" to find stranded titles and items. The UPB cost column can be updated by a constant value.

The UPB database can also contain remarks for each division. The EuroJOC UPB now has fields describing the currency and languages. This allows multiple UPBs to be created and used with minimal effort. The unit price books can include component cost data such as labor, burden, material, equipment and overhead cost columns. Unit prices can be updated in a percentage manner or using individual labor category rates and item productivity rates.

The title and item descriptions can be exported, translated and then imported to allow ease of language changes. The horizontal bars on the form allow for re-sizing each of the grids displayed. All the grids have the grid splitting feature enabled. The grids also allow the user to copy and paste information from other sources.

Without a doubt, EuroJOC handles more varied UPB data sources than ANYONE else. Let us show you what we can do with your cost data.


Pictures can be added to the data at either the group title or item level. A single picture can represent a group of items or an individual item. This feature reduces space requirements.

Adding a picture... simple select the group title or item in the grid and click on the camera button. Select the file from the file selector and you are done. Adding pictures to cost items vastly improves the description capability of the database. With the size and cost of today's hard disks, it no longer makes sense not to include graphical representations of items.

Below is shown a RSMeans Inc. United States bases unit price book. You can see that the software handles productivity based Unit Price Books. You can use this form to see what is included within a specific crew and the associated rates. With appropriate passwords, you can even change the labor rates and together with each cost item's crew selection and productivity rate, recalculate the entire UPB to suite your needs. CorVet Systems is a licensed distributor of RS Mean pricing data. We consider it to be among the best sources available today.

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