EuroJOC's Main Form
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The main form is EuroJOC's framework for storing project related information. By the tabs shown above, you get an idea of all the different data that can be stored. EuroJOC works well with other editors too. Use your favorite editor and then paste the information into EuroJOC. Each tab has its own report, select the tab and click the printer icon to produce the related report.

EuroJOC's features have been designed to work independently. Work as you wish, not as the program requires. Main form features are also available within the estimate builder.

EuroJOC Features Include:

  • New Project Select tab - Using a Project Tree it is now possible to see the contract file structure, move estimates and proposals by dragging and dropping. The user can nowmerge two estimates or proposals by dragging and dropping one on top of another.
  • New Negotiation Meetings tab has been revised to assist you with storing and maintaining the review meetings minutes and item by item negotiation results.
  • The UPB search engine has been greatly improved to search all titles levels and item descriptions.
  • A Toolbar search engine has been added to the 'Projects' and 'Negotiation Meeting' tabs.
  • Addition of Spell Check.
  • Editing Tools appear on the toolbar to assist editing the various rich text boxes.
  • The project status tab allows the user to add status dates. A date calculator has been provided.
  • The report system has been completely rewritten and many new reports have been added.
  • A report prints project pictures.
  • Projects can be copied and moved from contract file to contract file.
  • Owner estimates are kept separate from contractor proposals.
  • A new report prints the status of all projects within the open file.
  • Movable Window pane bars have been added to many tabs


Recent changes to the 'Negotiation Meeting' tab of the main form include adding a second grid for recording the item by item results of the negotiation meeting. Grid features include a search engine and three import sources for items. The grid can import items from estimates, proposals, and previous negotiation meetings. Each grid row includes a 'Notes' cell capable of storing 10 pages of text. The attendance grid is tied to the contacts database so that only the name and checkboxes need to be selected.



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