EuroJOC's - Estimate Form
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Estimate Builder - You will be spending most of your time using this form, so we have concentrated our efforts to make estimate building as simple as possible. Items can be added to the blue estimate in several manners;

  1. Using the Title tree, browse the various title descriptions to find the needed item. Items related to the selected title appear in the green and orange grids. Use 'drag-and-drop' or 'double-click' methods to move the item into the estimate.
  2. Use the simple or advanced search engines to find the item based on key words you enter.
  3. An item's cost code number can be typed directly into the blue grid.
  4. Open an old estimate in the yellow grid and drag items into the current estimate.
  5. Create and use Non Pre-priced (NPP) Items from the Red item grid.
  6. New features on the main form allow you to merge estimates or proposals by dragging and dropping one node on top of another.
  7. All features of the form, now including the message boxes and status bar messages, are multi-language capable.

The horizontal and vertical bars can be moved as necessary to change the size of grids and the title tree. The blue estimate grid can be displayed full width or full form. Grid columns can be moved and repositioned within the grids. Row and Column widths can be changed. The font size displayed can be changed. Grids can be split into multiple views so columns don't move. User settings are recorded so you don't waste time setting up the form each time.

EuroJOC's controls and headings can be displayed in six languages. A unit price book can contain descriptions in two languages. When English is the only language, EuroJOC hide all the multiple language feature to keep them out of your way. EuroJOC can contain cost information for any type of business.


Estimate Row View - Instead of scrolling back and forth across the estimate grid, there is a single record view of an estimate row. Depending on the program features enabled on the preferences, some of this form's items are hidden. When enabled, the component cost grid displays item component cost and allows the user to select components used.

The Estimate form's third tab allows access to pre-built and user created assemblies. Assemblies allow logic and calculations to be applied to typical building activities. The example shown allows the user to select from one of the carpets available in this unit price book and apply quantities before adding the item to the estimate or proposal.

A Major Tune-up - While the estimate form appears to be similar to the last version, many major improvements have occurred. United States, German and Italian JOC databases can be used with EuroJOC. The Labor, Material, Equipment component cost categories are all available. The cost codes are now flexible length to allow for Italian style cost code that change with each section. Each contract file is linked to a Unit Price Book when created. An unlimited number of UPBs can exist on the estimator's computer.

Pictures - The Estimate form is capable of displaying pictures of the selected UPB items. The picture form is re-sizeable by dragging corners or edges. The picture displayed changes with the selected grid. Whenever a picture is available for the selected item, it is displayed. Pictures make picking items much easier. The doubt is removed when a picture is available.


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