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EuroJOC's compare feature is used to quickly compare two estimates, two proposals or a combination of the two. The Item by item comparison shows the quantities and pricing used in each estimate. Compare is especially useful in comparing two versions of an estimate for differences. When estimates are created for each location (such as by room, floor or building), it is possible to compare item by item for each location.

The compare form consists of three separate tabs. The first tab is used to select the contract file, project and estimate or contractor proposal to be compared. The remaining two tabs do not appear until the compare button is selected. The contractor's proposal information is presented with green backgrounds while the owner's estimate information is shown in blue.




The EuroJOC compare feature is unequaled among JOC estimating software. Below you will see an example of comparison results. The quantity and currency differences are displayed in the white columns. The rightmost column presents a method of categorizing the comparison results into user selected categories. The grid can be sorted by clicking on column headings. Reports designed especially for the negotiation meeting preparation can be printed. This single feature will save many hours prepping for negotiation.

Category Description
Items exactly equal
Items with differences less than 1 currency unit
Items with differences greater than 10 currency units
Items with differences greater than 10 currency units
Items found in first estimate and not in second
Items found in second estimate and not in first estimate.
  The grid also demonstrates the grid splitting feature. The user can create as many splits as needed. Each split functions independently and moves vertically together.                


The last tab on the compare form presents all the item details representing one row of the compare results tab. A single comparison row on the second tab can represent many detail rows. Using the third tab the negotiator has quick access to all the underling information for a single cost item.


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